Six-Gill Shark Expedition

Six-Gill Shark Expedition

All pricing is Per Person, Based on Double Occupancy. For more information

Six-Gill Shark Dive • 1500ft+/460m+ • 5-9 Hours • $1500.00 USD

While it is possible to see a six-gill shark on any of the dives (and they have been spotted on even the shortest of dives) the only way to guarantee citing of this massive pre-historic fish is to do an expedition specially tailored to encounter them. We attach bait directly to the sub, leave after sunset and sit and wait in total darkness below 1500 feet. After a 1-3 hour wait we are joined by a fish longer than the craft we are riding in and rocked back and forth as she (90% of the sharks we see are female, a mystery that R.I.D.E. is helping unravel) rips our offering free just feet away.

The six-gill shark is one of the largest but least known predatory sharks in the world. This rare opportunity has drawn film crews from around the globe, including National Geographic Television, to record this seldom-observed ocean giant from the safety of Idabel.

This dive cannot be done during times of a full moon (the extra light keeps them too deep) and passengers must be willing to spend up to a total time of 9 hours inside the sub at temperatures as low as 50 degrees.

We accept payments via cash in US Dollars, Honduran Lempiras, and Euros. Traveller’s Cheques and credit card payments via PayPal are also accepted. We cannot accept direct payments via credit card at this time.

Prices are per-person and based on double-occupancy. 19% Honduran sales tax not included. 2.9% PayPal fee added to all PayPal payments.

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