Half Moon Bay, Roatan, Honduras

When people ask how I chose Roatan as a location, I have a very simple answer : Deep water close to shore. There are very few places in the world that have such immediate access to deep water. When you factor in the need for calm seas, a lack of strong currents, accessibility to tourist infrastructure you are left with very few places, places that are usually already in use by other commercial shipping or military operations.

Due to Roatan’s unique geology it is amazingly blessed with many deep water harbors, (the same factor that made it a favorite pirate enclave). Idabel’s dock is inside a protected bay on the lee side of the island. It has been safe for over 20 years from any hurricane and yet is less than 1000 feet from 1000 feet deep open ocean. Open ocean where any species that you can think of passes thru including whale sharks, sperm whales, killer whales, mola mola and dolphins.

This map revealed that the sub is stationed exactly where the deepest water comes the closest to shore.  It also gave a much better understanding of the Lophelia Reef area, an oasis of underwater life that colonizes large boulders between 1000-1400 feet.  This area is such spectacular habitat that scientists that have dove there say it is the best habitat they have ever seen. Another testimony to the richness of this site is  Ray Dalio of OceanX brought his private subs there to dive the site after seeing images from there.


If the deep water were not so close to shore, the submersible would need a surface support ship for transportation and the operating costs would be prohibitive.

In 2013 this area was mapped with multi-beam sonar by a ship funded by Google.

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