Submarine Pilot

Karl Stanley

Karl Stanley has spent over three-quarters of his life pursuing his desire to explore the planet’s “final frontier”. He has designed and built two deep-diving submersibles which he has piloted in three different countries. At the age of 24, he began his career taking  expeditions down to 700 feet off Roatan, Honduras.

Few people have accumulated as many hours directly observing deepsea aquatic life as Karl Stanley. Karl has recorded over 2500 dives ranging from 500 to 2660 feet underwater, each lasting from a few hours up to seventeen hours at a time.  He has logged over 5000 hours of experience piloting a deep submersible, making him one of the most experienced submersible pilots in the world.

You have the rare opportunity to travel in a one-of-a-kind machine to another world and come face-to-face with life forms beyond imagination.

Explore the Unknown. Go Deeper.

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