Expedition to 2000 feet


At 610m depth- yes, that’s right- we discovered the deepness of the world.

However, to get there was a long way. First of all, we finally left our car in Belize with a mechanic and were free again. In our usual rush tempo we headed to Honduras. After 3 days travelling almost non-stop we reached the island Roatan. Another Caribbean dream, unfortunately most dreams are pricy. Anyway, the decision for Roatan was clear because of one reason. Karl Stanley takes tourist with his sub Idabel on underwater expedition to a depth of 300m, 460m and 610m. One of my dreams since childhood came true when we decided to go on an expedition. Only two other subs worldwide are open for public and Stanley is the only one who goes to 610m. With great anticipations and a good portion of adrenaline the adventure could start.

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Dumbo Octopus near 2000ft